FFWD x CLASSIFIED partnership

First dedicated FFWD gravel wheels now available with the spectacular Classified hub shifting system!

Developed in Belgium, the Classified hubs are a true benefit for those looking to get more out of their bike setup. An innovative hub shifting design has been optimised through seven years years of development with an impressive result.

As the first Classified wheel partner FFWD has thoroughly tested the setup in the field. Adding this to your 1x gravel setup offers a huge reach of additional gears with smaller steps. But there’s more. Think about wireless shifting under load, super clean and maintenance free internal hub system and no more chain drop on front shifting or cross chaining.

Besides the gravel setup with our DRIFT wheels we will also offer the Classified hub option in the RYOT44. For those who take their gravel bike both on and off road.

Set prices:

DRIFT with Classified hubs - 2999 Euro

RYOT44 with Classified hubs - 2999 Euro

Available from end of July 2022

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