The riot among all-round wheels


To cause a riot in the category of all-round wheel sets we developed the RYOT44 

Due to the phenomenal improvements in aerodynamics, weight and stiffness, RYOT 44 is THE wheel set for all types of terrain. Full of new technology and with a new design that will definitely turn some heads. 

Key ingredient of the RYOT44 is the new LAW Tech aerodynamic rim profile. LAW is short for 'Laminar Airflow Wing' and has been specially developed to deliver better aerodynamics when using wider tires by creating a smooth airflow.It is the wheel of choice for the cyclist that wants to benefit from all features to be as versatile as possible. Beating the competition with 10% on stiffness combined with the aerodynamic advantages you are ready to conquer the flat roads and cross winds. As the set only weighs 1520 grams it will also easily guide you uphill yet providing confidence to go fast for the descent. 

As tubeless ready wheel set and the ability to fit tires up to 42mm the RYOT44 could also be seen as set for light gravel use. 

Build around the new DT Swiss 240 EXP hub system 

The DT Swiss hubs in the RYOT44 have been improved with an EXP ratchet system. The hub internals now offer an even higher precision with fast engagement and increased stiffness combined with a lower weight. This helps to bring the performance of the wheel to an even higher level. 

Build for you with the most precision and same amount of attention we spend on all wheels at our facility in The Netherlands. The wheels are shipped as a complete package with accessories in a nice protective wheel bag. 


Your box of confidence contains

●      The RYOT 44 Wheelset

●      Pre-installed tubeless tape

●      A pair of alloy tubeless valves

●      Tubeless instructions

●      Padded wheel bag

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