FFWD Catalog 2018

The product range of FFWD Wheels can be found on ffwd.com as always but for the introduction of the 2018 range we have made an easy to read digital catalog.

The new digital document will be updated over time with the latest information on each category. Don't be afraid to check in again and again...

Our new catalog is a perfect guide line to go over the FFWD range of products and options and offers a complete overview!

You can find it here:

Download PDF
Download PDF
About Fast Forward Wheels

Building fast, strong carbon wheels: that was our goal as we started our company FFWD Wheels in the year of 2006. Craftsmanship, high quality and durability are our most important values. In a few years of time FFWD Wheels has grown into a company with a global distribution network and a solid reputation.

All FFWD Wheels are handmade at our company in the Dutch town of Zwolle. Our wheel builders pay close attention to every wheel. This leads to wheels which are feather light and strong as iron: FFWD Wheels are no mass product. FFWD Wheels are of high quality, hand built in the Netherlands.

FFWD Wheels does not only produce high-end wheels for the Road, we also build wheels for the Track, Cyclocross, Triathlon and MTB.