New Facility for FFWD Wheels

Fast Forward Wheels has moved its headquarters to a new location in Zwolle, The Netherlands.


The roots of Fast Forward Wheels are in Zwolle and in search of a new facility this factor needed to remain. Reason to look for a new facility for its HQ lies in the growing sales and therefore the need for more storage and workspace.

The extra space will enable the expansion of wheel building capacity for wheel builders who build every wheel by hand.

The new FFWD Wheels HQ is located in an old steel factory and most details of the building remained in tact. Even the craftswork by hand will remain in this building!

The near-to-global distribution network of FFWD is still growing with currently a representation in over 50 countries. Also in the existing markets the FFWD market share is increasing year over year.

In the new facility FFWD Wheels can cope with the growing demand for their high quality wheels!

The new address will be:

Fast Forward Wheels BV 

Gasthuisdijk 12
The Netherlands 

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Download PDF
About Fast Forward Wheels

Building fast, strong carbon wheels: that was our goal as we started our company FFWD Wheels in the year of 2006. Craftsmanship, high quality and durability are our most important values. In a few years of time FFWD Wheels has grown into a company with a global distribution network and a solid reputation.

All FFWD Wheels are handmade at our company in the Dutch town of Zwolle. Our wheel builders pay close attention to every wheel. This leads to wheels which are feather light and strong as iron: FFWD Wheels are no mass product. FFWD Wheels are of high quality, hand built in the Netherlands.

FFWD Wheels does not only produce high-end wheels for the Road, we also build wheels for the Track, Cyclocross, Triathlon and MTB.